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Inspirational Church Marquees

Since June 13, 2001, my wife, Briget, and I have been photographing witty, inspirational and ingenious church marquee proverbs.  We admire the attention paid to help entice potential visitors or to amuse, inspire or even to admonish.  Our new book, Signs From God, started with our passion for collecting the clever proverbs that adorn church marquees.  It is this cleverness that we have chosen to celebrate.  Instead of a long list of sayings, we want to show a photo of each marquee with their accompanying location, notes, scripture and possibly a story to finish it off.

For every well thought out marquee, whether borrowed or original, there must be a story.  Someone was motivated to tell a story, sometimes with only one line, before their sermon.  Maybe the marquee tied into their sermon or maybe it was for a specific holiday or event.  Either way, some marquees catch our eye as being clever or unique and we want to spread those messages in our new book.

Signs From God is meant to inspire, entertain, teach and offer ideas for both people and other churches.  Our book will represent many different denominations, each with the same goal of welcoming people and edifying the spirit.

We would love to include your photo or message.  If you have a church marquee photo to share, or if you can offer some words of inspiration to be included with yours or another's marquee, please drop us a line and we will send you a release form and upload instructions.

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Thank you,
Chris & Briget Hart


Inspirational Church Marquees


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